The Differences Between Video Slot Machines and Reel Slot Machines

When it comes to slot machines, they generally fall into two categories: video slots and reel slot machines. Each has its advantages and drawbacks; which one you choose depends on your preferences and what kind of gaming experience you most enjoy.

Reel slot games may be simpler and less intricate than video slots, but they still offer plenty of winning opportunities and exciting bonus features. This is why many players prefer these types of slots over classic ones.


Slot machine symbols are the foundations of every casino game. They are carefully created to match the theme, and may include various images and designs.

Game icons may have different values depending on the theme. Examples include fruit icons such as cherries, strawberries and melons to playing card numbers from Tens to Aces.

Traditionally, fruit and bar symbols are the most frequent symbols used on slots. These icons have become iconic to players and carry a great deal of tradition with them.

Today’s slot machines are more intricate. Symbols don’t simply spin on the reels – they can fall into different places on the wheel, form clusters instead of winning combinations on pay lines and utilize other mechanics. Furthermore, RNG (Random Number Generation) software randomly determines each spin’s outcome based on randomness.


Video slot machines rely heavily on paylines as a major element of gameplay. They allow you to bet on multiple symbols and each line may offer its own payout.

Slot machine paylines can range anywhere from one to several hundred. They may be horizontal, vertical, zigzag, or diagonal depending on the machine.

Most slots require three or more identical symbols to appear along a payline for a winning combination to occur. Some even feature wild symbols that can complete the payline.

In certain 3-reel games, the paylines may not be visible onscreen at all – this is known as a “blank spot.”

Winning can be easier if your payline contains the correct symbols, but it could also be harder if they don’t. Bonus symbols come into play here – they could pay up to five times your bet!

Bonus rounds

Bonus rounds are an exciting feature found in video slot machines that add an extra layer of excitement. These bonuses may offer free spins, mini-games and other features as well.

Payouts on these games may differ based on the number of bonus symbols that appear, while others use different icons to trigger a multiplier or bonus.

Some even feature a mechanical device that works alongside the bonus to show how many credits have been won. These bonus rounds can be very enjoyable, but require considerable skill and speed to master.

Bonus rounds are a common element in video slot machines and they can significantly influence the payouts. Bonus games may be activated by special symbols like WILD or SCATTER.


Playing slot machines relies on random number generators that create combinations randomly. State laws regulate this process and may make some slots more rewarding than others.

Regulations also influence payout percentages. For instance, if a casino wants to offer 92-percent games during low traffic periods and 85 percent on weekends, they would need regulatory approval for this modification.

Unfortunately, these rules are not always followed. For instance, several slot machines in Colorado had software errors that caused them to display jackpots that were far smaller than actual amounts – leading to numerous disputes between players and casinos.

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