BC.GAME with the New Brand Ambassador – David Luiz

Flamengo’s David Luiz is proud to be a part of BC.GAME, which is now a leading global online casino. After being in business for several years, BC.GAME has succeeded in satisfying the expectations of sports fans, casino players, and bettors by consistently delivering high-caliber service. Most recently, they successfully hosted a massive event with giveaways and prize pools worth millions of dollars.

David Luiz is well known for his ability on the football field. With this recent partnership, he is open to working together with BC.GAME by engaging with others through his official social media profiles and broadcasting video streams through Twitch. For this, he will be able to support BC.GAME, in many ways, potentially attracts more players to check out the platform.

BC.GAME will potentially reach its full potential in new markets like Brazil, which has a strong passion for sports. In the same vein, David Luiz is the best brand ambassador that the online casino can have in terms of communicating and sharing ideas with the sports and casino communities. This will not only contribute to an increase in the awareness of crypto casinos but will also educate people about gambling in general.


BC.GAME – an online casino that enables players/users/bettors to invest, buy, and play with their cryptocurrency, cash, or tokens specified by the game. The platform was founded last 2017.

BC.GAME is acknowledged for its revolutionary innovation in the casino industry and for upholding the largest sports events for betting. In fact, in the recent FIFA World Cup 2022, the platform was able to hold sports betting competitions, giveaways, and prize pools. Things are fastly moving in the platform, especially now that David Luiz is aboard.

BC.GAME hopes to reach out to more Brazilian audiences through an expanded online casino that is continuously innovating. Hopefully, apart from David Luiz as the starter of party ignition, BC.GAME will collaborate with more sports players and let the fans connect with their idols. The new era of casinos is here, indeed!

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